How Dolphins Survive and Provide for Themselves


How They Protect Themselves

One way for dolphins to protect themselves is to stay with their schools.The dolphins school will fight together and protect each other.Dolphins have enemies that live all over their enviorment.Most of a dolphins survival depends on the dolphins self defense and the groups self defense.Dolphins will form larger schools the deeper the water is around them.

Dolphin Battles

Even though dolphins are fairly protected in there schools male dolphins do sometimes fight each other for better food or while mating.They lunge at each other and slap each other with their back fins, during a fight a dolphin can even bight the dolphin its fighting with.A dolphin would shake their body to intimidate or threaten the other.They also sometimes fight with the females and their calves.

A Dolphins School

Inside a dolphins school dolphins do take care of each other.If a dolphin gets sick or injured it will be taken care of by the other dolphins in the group.If a dolphin gets weak its companions will help push it to the surface to breath. The females will help the other mothers take care of the babies in the schools.

Dolphin Dangers

Dolphins have many enemies, whether its danger from their enemies or their environment.

Sharks and Killer whales are one of dolphins enemies because they eat dolphins.Sharks also sometimes starts fights with the school the shark will usually bight the dolphin a shark bight can be deadly.You may have once seen a dolphin that has been brighten by a shark it may have had a chunk taken out of one of their fins.

Fisher men can also be harmful to dolphins.Some fisher men put out nets when they see a school of dolphins they know that the dolphins are probably around some type of fish so they put out there nets.Most of the time the dolphins get in the drift nets or tuna nets and cant come up to breath and drown. Dolphins can also be hunted for food in some countries.

How They Catch Their Food

Most Dolphins Eat their food with other fish since they eat the same food as some other fish.

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